TinyURL is a great site that shortens long website addresses down to something a little more manageable. It’s especially helpful on sites like Twitter, where you have a limited number of characters to use when you write a post.

I’ve shortened several of Just One Vision’s site’s links down when posting on Twitter. You can customize them to something that’s relevant to what you’re linking to.

For example, I’ve shortened some of Just One Vision’s social media links:


As you can see, I’ve made sure to keep them to a naming scheme, the individual parts all begin with JOV and have what they’re linked to listed.

This also comes in handy for when writing long and cumbersome addresses down, these are much easier to read and write than a long URL. I’ve been adding these links to business cards, it takes a lot less time to write down and it’ll be easier for people to type them in their address bars without mistakes.

If you haven’t heard of TinyURL before, I can’t recommend it enough if you’ve got a need for shorter and easier to manage URLs.

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