Just One Vision’s November Newsletter

Welcome to Just One Vision’s third monthly newsletter! We’re still figuring out what works and what doesn’t, so if you’ve got any feedback, please let us know!


As fall rolled in, so did our orders! Things have really picked up here at Just One Vision as we work around the clock to make sure everyone has the best service and customer service possible!

While we’re working on orders, construction progress has also picked up, we got new carpeting, among other office renovations.

We also started with a second blogger. He’s pretty busy, but he’ll be posting from time to time. His name is Aaron, so everything he posts will be tagged with his name.

Just One Vision also started using icons for our social media links, instead of plain text, here on our blog.

Featured Service: Political Marketing

With November often as an election month, political marketing around this time of year is even more crucial than ever.

Our political marketing services take advantage of the other options we have in place, such as bulk email marketing, direct mail, and others, while using our massive database geared towards voters, donors, and others. We’ve got advanced demographics available, so you can choose who you want to see your message and when.

Just One Vision might be located in Nashville, but we’ve got a countrywide (and worldwide) reach! Put our political marketing services to use for you and watch your supporter base grow!

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Just One Vision’s October Newsletter

Welcome to Just One Vision’s second newsletter! This is a monthly update on what’s been going on in the company.

We’re still working on the newsletter format, please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see changed or improved upon!


Last month, things really picked up here at Just One Vision!

We started a new blog attached to our official website using WordPress. It’s become our main blog, but we still post new stuff on our Blogger, so it’s not been forgotten.

We’ve started hiring more people at Just One Vision! We’ve already got one new employee and we’re looking for more! View our Craigslist ad for salespeople for more info! Just One Vision is a Nashville-based online marketing company, if you’re around Tennessee and are interested in the job, please feel free to contact us!

Business is really starting to boom here, but we’re always looking for more people to do bulk email marketing with us!

Featured Service: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just One Vision has been working on our SEO more and more, and we want to help you with yours!

SEO helps you improve your standings with the search engines, getting you more popularity and traffic and increasing your potential customer base!

Search Engine Optimization is a constant process that needs to be maintained, in order to make sure that you’re where you need to be on the ever-changing Internet!

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Just One Vision’s September Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter of Just One Vision! These are small updates talking about the company’s progress, featured services, and an update of where we can be found on the Internet.

We’re still working on our newsletter format, so if you’ve got any suggestions, please feel free to post them.


Last month was pretty exciting, we’re working on increasing our web presence around the Internet!

We’ve got many marketing options for all your advertising needs! Visit our site to learn more about every service that we offer.

Featured Service: Political Marketing

As election time draws near, it’s even more important than ever to increase your outreach to voters. Just One Vision can help you communicate your platform to specifically targeted demographics in order for you to get the votes that you need. Our Political Marketing department has access to many voter lists, in order to give you the best coverage. Visit our political marketing page to learn more!

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