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Doing your email marketing with Just One Vision isn’t a gamble!

We offer smaller packages for our bulk email marketing services so that you can see how our company works for you. You’ll get all our standard features, such as: access to our expansive demographic lists, our ad creative creation services, our email advertising tracking services, and much more! It’s our regular bulk email marketing plans, just on a smaller scale.

Customer service is king, so we want to make sure we offer the best to our customers. We know you’ll be happy with our bulk email marketing offerings, but we also know that you don’t know that you are until you give it a try for yourself.

All you need to do is contact Just One Vision and let us know that you’d like to try one of our smaller bulk email marketing packages, and we’ll do the rest!

When it comes to email marketing, Just One Vision is aces!

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Double Check – Maintaining Quality Control

Nobody likes a malfunctioning product. And, if that product is a website, then that could spell trouble for you.

If a website isn’t working correctly or cannot be accessed properly, then that could mean the loss of customers who were formerly interested in your products or services.

With both physical items and virtual items, you need to make sure that they work how they’re intended to. If they cannot be used at all or have something wrong with them that prevents their proper use, then you’re going to have upset customers on your hands.

Sometimes, especially with virtual products and services, they may have unintended features or bugs that enhance the users’ experience with them. Some users will become used to these features and may get quite upset when they are taken away. In this case, you need to maintain a balance, if the feature is useful and does not cause problems, such as security issues, then it may need to become an official part of the product. If not, or if it causes more problems than it solves, then it needs to be fixed to how it should operate.

You can prevent some of these future problems by testing and testing again your products to make sure that they function properly. However, you can’t always foresee all of the problems and users are very, very good at stumbling upon unintended features.

If problems do occur, inform your consumers as quickly as possible. This will let them know that something is going on and that they should probably stop using your product. If a recall for a physical product needs to be issued, make sure that the information gets out to your consumers. They can’t fix the issues that could pop up if they don’t know there’s a problem.

Like always, remember to communicate with your consumers, this is the most important thing that you need to do, especially in times when they need critical information as to the product they are using.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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All Customers are Important, Not Just the Majority

Everybody wants to make as much money as they can, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, in order to do so, sometimes they neglect a good portion of their customers, in order to only focus on the biggest spenders or the largest group.

This is a decent strategy, as those groups will continue buying those products as long as you keep coming out with quality ones.

However, not all customers are identical and everyone likes different things. Some customers may dislike the items you create for the majority and start feeling alienated or that they aren’t valued customers, since you’re either making nothing for them or very little for them.

Sometimes these people are not profitable, there isn’t enough of them to buy the number of products you need to sell or they want things you simply cannot provide. This is regrettable, but understandable.

However, sometimes the group of people is large enough to make a difference. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I’d buy this, if only they’d make it.” You need to listen to what your customers want and figure out if you can give it to them.

For, to not try at all is to admit defeat and to let them go find another company that can give them what they want.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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Conduct Your Business with Just One Vision


Is your advertising flat when it needs to be sharp?

Just One Vision has an orchestra of marketing musicians that can bring life to your business’s song.

We have several different advertising instruments we can fine-tune to fit the symphony your company plays.

On the Just One Vision musical ensemble playbill is: bulk email marketing, direct mail marketing, mobile marketing, email appending, lead generation marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design, and quite a few more. We appreciate encores and will keep going as long as there are songs to be played.

Contact Just One Vision to learn more about our business melodies that we can play for you.

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Political Marketing with Just One Vision


Do you have a political campaign that needs some help getting bigger?

Just One Vision excels in political marketing! We have lists of voters, donors, and many other useful demographics for your political marketing campaign.

We can help you with your political Internet marketing and also your political direct mail marketing. We’ve got both email address lists and physical address lists, so we can cover any and all bases that you want.

A political marketing campaign can help you obtain new volunteers, new supporters, and new donors, not to mention that it puts your name out there and makes your campaign more well-known.

We’re not just a political marketing firm, we do regular bulk email marketing and direct mail marketing as well.

Contact Just One Vision to discuss our political marketing strategies and figure out which one is right for you.

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Email List Rental with Just One Vision


Need to do a bulk email campaign, but you don’t have anyone to send it to? Just One Vision has a vast email database that you can rent email addresses from.

As part of our email campaign offerings, Just One Vision has rental email lists that cover many different demographics, ensuring that you can rent an email list that fits your needs. Every single one of the rental email addresses are opt-in, so you can be sure that the people on our lists want to receive email marketing campaigns from you.

When you rent email lists from Just One Vision, we’ll send out your bulk email marketing campaign. We work hard to make sure that our email rental lists are not over-circulated or spammed, in order to make sure that your results are the best possible.

The email list rental costs vary, so you’ll need to contact Just One Vision to see what pricing we offer for your needs.

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Email Appending with Just One Vision


Need to update your database? Just One Vision can help with that! Our email appending service can append emails to your database.

Email appending is a process that takes your database and matches your customers with our expansive, CAN-SPAM compliant database, making sure that you have all the information for your customers.

Not only can we do business to customer email appending, but we can also do b2b email appending, so you can obtain whichever data set you need for your own lists.

Business email appending is a great way to refresh your database and ensure that it’s up to date. In some cases, you’ll be able to get in contact with customers you may have thought were lost.

Contact Just One Vision today to learn more about our email append approach.

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Cost Per Click Advertising with Just One Vision


Just One Vision can use many different ways to track your email advertising campaign’s success, including cost per click, also called CPC.

With CPC, we measure your advertising cost per click, where you pay for every time someone clicks on your email marketing ad. This is a good way to measure your email marketing campaign’s success, for some people will just delete your email marketing ad before they open it or they open it and decide that it’s not for them.

Cost per click advertising is one of the current standards in online marketing. Companies such as Google use this method in their own AdWords advertising.

To learn more about our cost per click program, contact Just One Vision and we’ll send you the information you need.

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Bait and Switch – Don’t Advertise Falsely

I’ve mentioned before that people hate being lied to. This is especially true when it comes to the money they spend on products.

Some bending of the truth can’t be helped, certain foods don’t look quite as good on TV without a little bit of help.

But, when actual products fail to match up to the writing on the package, that’s where you’ve got problems.

For example, my Mom bought two different packs of cleaning cloths for glasses from two different companies. Both said they were a two-pack. The first one she opened had two with identical, colorful designs. The second one had one with a nice design and one with a plain, solid color. The pack with the two different cloths even showed a picture of the nice design and said that that was what was on the cloth. There was no mention of the second cloth not having a design. She’s quite irritated at this and has been considering taking the second pack back and getting a refund. Her opinion of the first company has risen, while her opinion of the second has fallen.

This is just one example out of many, things like this happen all the time, some people deal with it begrudgingly, while others do something about it and demand their money back. Good communication with the customer is key, as is being perfectly clear about what exactly you’re selling to them.

You don’t want to be the company that has people constantly returning their items.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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A Good Reputation Can Only Do So Much

A good reputation is an absolute necessity for companies. Without a good reputation, they quickly fall by the wayside as they offer either inferior products or products that nobody even notices.

It can take a long time to build up a good name for yourself, but a combination of great marketing and excellent products can earn you respect from your customers and other businesses.

However, it takes just as much to maintain that good name as it does to make it. One inferior product or service can tarnish the name, many can turn it into ruins.

Coming back from a bad reputation may be harder than making a new one for yourself. People will remember the old days and the current downfall, some people will always say, “It was better in the past.” While others may say, “Look how far they’ve fallen.” Some people might not know your old, good reputation and only know you for the bad.

Some people will still stick to you, remembering their nostalgia of the past. Even so, everyone has their limits and you may even find these most loyal of customers falling by the wayside as well.

If you start slipping, listen to your customers, find out what they want and what is feasible for you. Sometimes the two cannot intersect and sometimes a few vocal customers do not represent the majority. You need to find something that works the best for the most people, including yourselves.

Customers like to feel listened to, like they are valued and important to you, never, ever forget that, for they made you and they can break you.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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