Listening to Customer Concerns

Everyone wants to feel that their opinions or thoughts are valued. Sometimes their opinions may differ from what you think they could be or they’re completely incompatible with your plans.

Even if a customer’s wants and thoughts for the company are opposite of what you want, it’s best to listen to them anyway. Don’t just casually brush away their feelings, all this is going to do is alienate them and make them not feel valued at all.

You’ll be unlikely able to change things the way they want them to be altered, but, if you answer their concerns and explain why you’re doing something, that’ll make them feel like they’re being listened to, even if you can’t do what they request.

For example, a website recently removed some content that I enjoyed. I knew the company likely wouldn’t want to or be able to put it back, but I wrote a email inquiring about it, saying that it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they could help. In my letter, I mentioned one part that I was looking for. I expected a form letter back, a generic response, but, I got a small email back saying to check out something similar to what I was looking for, showing that they had read the email I had sent. Even through they couldn’t help, I felt a lot better at the fact that they had actually looked at my email and tried to find something to make me happy.

Customer service is key, however, you absolutely cannot please everyone. Everyone is far too different and has their own agendas, but you can do what you can to mitigate the fact that you can’t do exactly what they want you to do.

If you make the customers feel like their opinions count, they’ll be a lot more likely to stick with your company, rather than go to a competitor where they’ll feel like they’re important to the business.

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