Powerful Political Outreach


It can be a rough time to be in politics right now, so making sure your political campaign takes off is even more important than ever.

Need a political marketing definition? Political marketing is where you use advertising and marketing techniques, such as bulk email marketing or direct mail marketing, to tell the people about your political campaign.

It’s not just a political marketing theory, it really works!

Don’t do just any old political marketing, do your marketing political with Just One Vision! Just One Vision has access to massive demographic lists that will allow you to pick and choose any marketing segment that you’d like to reach out to.

We’ve got plenty of contacts in politics that we’re willing to make your contacts, all you have to do is contact Just One Vision today to learn more about how we can market your political campaign.

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Brand New Carpeting at Just One Vision!


Not so long ago, I posted a blog entry that mentioned the offices at Just One Vision being under construction. That construction has continued on and I’m now pleased to announce that in most areas that were once hardwood floors, we’ve got a gorgeous new blue carpet! It’s plush, cozy, and greatly reduces the echo that once filled the office.

All the employees (and visitors) love the new carpet, it’s a resounding success!

Things are still in a little bit of an uproar as all the furniture is being placed and rearranged, but things continue as they always have been, the desks and chairs were the first to be put back into place.

Sometimes you need to spend a little to take care of your business. The new carpet has made everyone a lot happier and has solved problems, like the echo, that previously existed. Happy employees are much more likely to work better, and everyone is absolutely thrilled with the new carpet.

Visit the official Just One Vision Twitter for a few more pictures of our new carpet!

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Just One Vision’s Bulk Email Marketing and Email List Rental


Want to start a bulk email marketing campaign but have no one to send it to? Just One Vision does email list rental!

We’ve got opt-in mailing list email rentals for all of your email advertising needs! We’ve got business IT list rentals, mail list rentals, and email marketing list rental.

If you need a rental list, we’ve got list rental! We can do mailing list rental for both email marketing and direct mail marketing.

How do I put together my rental list, you may ask? Just One Vision has access to extensive demographic lists that cover all over the world, so you can pick what people you want to see your message. We can target any demographic you wish for your bulk email marketing campaign, you’ve got plenty to choose from!

Complete your rental check list today with Just One Vision! Contact Just One Vision for more details on our email list rental options.

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Avoid Embarrassment, Look Into Possible Product Names Before Launching

More than one company has fallen into a pitfall of giving something an unfortunate name. Perhaps it sounded good on paper or in discussions, maybe it didn’t translate properly, or the company wasn’t informed that the word they used had a different and unpleasant meaning.

Sometimes the incident isn’t so bad, perhaps people are being nitpicky and using old, outdated definitions of the word because they didn’t like the name, or in the case of an awkward translation, a lot of humor is generated from what it actually turned out to mean.

But, sometimes, it becomes a huge problem that needs to be solved immediately. Perhaps there’s a large group of people that are upset by the word or it conveys something entirely different than what you wished.

In cases where you need to retract the name, do so with as much dignity as possible. Apologize for the mistake and fix it as best as you can. If it’s a matter of translation, then do what you can to make it better.

Sometimes your reputation from a poorly-chosen word or translation can’t bounce back. In that case, make a note of it for the future and continue on with it in mind. Everyone makes mistakes and businesses full of workers are no exception.

But, you can prevent things like this by looking into the word or making sure you have reputable, knowledgeable translators. Double check things, make sure that they sound right and don’t have any hidden meanings that could come back to cause problems for you later.

After all, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to find a problem before it is available to the public, than if you have to go back and change what you’ve already launched.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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Giving Help on Tech Support Forums

My previous post covered asking for help on tech support forums, this post is about giving help on tech support forums.

I’ve read enough tech support issues and have heard plenty of stories from friends who work in IT to know that sometimes these things can go off the rails.

First off, please keep in mind that most people aren’t as computer-savvy as you are. Chances are that they’ve stumbled upon a problem and happened to go to your site for help. They probably won’t know as much as you do, so you’ll need to work with them a little.

Another thing to please remember is that just because you don’t agree with what they’re trying to do, doesn’t mean it’s inherently wrong. For example, I didn’t go to a tech support forum for this, but my Internet Explorer once had some strange issues. I asked people for help in trying to fix it, but the only answers I got were, “Why are you using Internet Explorer? You should use a better browser.” I agree that Internet Explorer has some issues, but there’s a few sites that work better in it. My Dad also borrows my computer from time to time and he only likes to use Internet Explorer. In my daily life, I stick to Chrome and Firefox, I know that Internet Explorer is far from the best browser around. However, if I have a problem with Internet Explorer and want it fixed, telling me to up and abandon it isn’t going to help my situation.

In another example, I saw someone ask how to get something to work with a certain program. The people on that forum were hostile to the idea and reamed the person out for even asking. I think a few people gave some advice on how to fix it, but they were by far the minority. There was nothing wrong with their request, the people on the forum just didn’t like it and wouldn’t personally do it. Their attitude towards this was a large factor in me not really wanting to go back to the official forum. Their behavior reflected badly on a company-owned forum.

Please, please, please be polite and civil to your visitors. Even if they don’t know what they’re doing, that’s why they’re there. They need your help. I know sometimes they themselves may be rude, if that’s the case, then there’s not much you can do about it. But, try to not throw the first stone. Tone is reacted to with tone, if you’re hostile, then they’ll fire attitude back at you.

Askers and helpers have things in common, you both use the same products, so you already have a starting ground to stand on. Build on that and you may even make new friends or get new people to stay with the forums, instead of just asking for help and then leaving.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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Asking for Help on Tech Support Forums

In my previous post, I discussed a computer problem I had and mentioned that I had found a solution on a forum.

Tech support forums, officially and unofficially run, are a great resource for help. However, all too many times, I’ve seen people ask vague requests and the other members of the forums have to ask for more details.

If you have a problem with you computer, make sure to write down exactly what happened. If you can replicate the problem without causing too much damage to your system, do so, in order for you to be able to double-check what happened.

Write down what programs you had open at the time, if you were on a website, what website you were on and what browser you were using. If you’re playing a game, write down what you did to cause the problem to happen.

More crucial information that you’ll need to give is your computer’s operating system, if you’ve got the updates, and possibly some of your computer specs. There are ways to find out the stats on your computer, you’ll have to search for your operating system and what you’re looking for in order to find them, it’s different for every system.

Be polite in your requests and try to write clearly. If you’re rude, people may not want to help you and if your spelling and grammar are a mess, they may not be able to figure out what you’re saying and can’t help you.

If they ask you for information you don’t know offhand, then go to your favorite search engine and look it up. If you still can’t find how to get the information, politely tell them so.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be polite, you’re going into their forums for help, as long as you’re nice about things and do your best to follow what they say, then you should be fine.

Another thing, sometimes there’s some troublemakers out there. If their instructions seem weird or have you going deep into your computer’s system to change or delete something, you might want to search what they told you or what they told you to change online and make sure they’re not leading you into trouble. Most forums dedicated to tech support will not do things like this, but if you’re asking on another site not dedicated to tech support, then you need to be careful.

People are generally good, but you need to put a good step forward first and then they should be more willing to give you a hand.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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Sometimes the Simplest Words Get the Right Results

Not too long ago I had a bizarre computer error after letting Windows Update do its thing. The Start bar, instead of being the shiny Windows Vista bar, it looked like the old Start bar all the way back from Windows 95.

I stared at it in confusion, why did it look this way? What had I done? All I did was update the computer!

Articulating what I saw into words wasn’t difficult, it simply looked like an older version of Windows. At first, I tried to come up with search terms to fit what I saw, making it sound more complicated. But, they didn’t make any sense.

Finally, I just searched for something along the lines of “after Windows Update, Start bar looks like Windows 95″. Even though this sounds ridiculous, it worked.

This had happened to several people before and they had posted similar queries on forums and other people had found the solutions.

It was something simple that fixed it, I followed the instructions someone had posted, all I needed to do was deactivate and then reactivate something and Windows was back to normal.

I had tried to complicate the situation, but, in the end, stating plainly what the problem was got me the solution.

Describe the problem how it looks, it’s likely someone’s had the same thought as you and will have asked it in the same way. And, if they haven’t, try looking at it a different way. There’s very few computer problems that are unique to a single computer, there’s usually a solution out there and plenty of people willing to give it.

Social Media Director, Just One Vision

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Pay Per Click Advertising with Just One Vision


Want to measure your bulk email marketing campaign’s success in the most accurate way possible?

Just One Vision can track your email advertisements using pay per click advertising (PPC) to make sure that your results correctly reflect the amount of response you’re getting from your email marketing campaign.

Doing one of Just One Vision’s PPC campaigns is a great way to really get your bulk email advertisements out there.

What is PPC? PPC marketing and PPC advertising are where you track the number of clicks each email advertisement that you send out gets. You pay per each click that they receive. You’re essentially paying for the success of your bulk email marketing campaign.

Need some help putting together your PPC ads? Our email ad creative team can make you a successful PPC email marketing advertisement that will really bring in the clicks your business needs. Our PPC management will make sure that you have only the most reliable tracking on your bulk email advertisements!

Contact Just One Vision to learn more about our PPC services!

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Just One Vision’s October Newsletter

Welcome to Just One Vision’s second newsletter! This is a monthly update on what’s been going on in the company.

We’re still working on the newsletter format, please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see changed or improved upon!


Last month, things really picked up here at Just One Vision!

We started a new blog attached to our official website using WordPress. It’s become our main blog, but we still post new stuff on our Blogger, so it’s not been forgotten.

We’ve started hiring more people at Just One Vision! We’ve already got one new employee and we’re looking for more! View our Craigslist ad for salespeople for more info! Just One Vision is a Nashville-based online marketing company, if you’re around Tennessee and are interested in the job, please feel free to contact us!

Business is really starting to boom here, but we’re always looking for more people to do bulk email marketing with us!

Featured Service: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just One Vision has been working on our SEO more and more, and we want to help you with yours!

SEO helps you improve your standings with the search engines, getting you more popularity and traffic and increasing your potential customer base!

Search Engine Optimization is a constant process that needs to be maintained, in order to make sure that you’re where you need to be on the ever-changing Internet!

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Try Out Just One Vision’s Email Marketing Services


Doing your email marketing with Just One Vision isn’t a gamble!

We offer smaller packages for our bulk email marketing services so that you can see how our company works for you. You’ll get all our standard features, such as: access to our expansive demographic lists, our ad creative creation services, our email advertising tracking services, and much more! It’s our regular bulk email marketing plans, just on a smaller scale.

Customer service is king, so we want to make sure we offer the best to our customers. We know you’ll be happy with our bulk email marketing offerings, but we also know that you don’t know that you are until you give it a try for yourself.

All you need to do is contact Just One Vision and let us know that you’d like to try one of our smaller bulk email marketing packages, and we’ll do the rest!

When it comes to email marketing, Just One Vision is aces!

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