Set Aside Plenty of Time to Start Up a New Computer

As part of our dedication to be on the cutting edge of technology, we’ve spent the majority of the day booting up a brand new desktop computer.

While laptops are nice and portable, desktops offer stability and can be upgraded. We like to have desktops here that supplement the laptops, if something goes wrong with the more fragile laptop computers, we still have the desktops as backup.

As with any computer, it takes a while to get everything set up. Even if Windows has been installed previously, you still need to add in all the programs that you use. It doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer, business, or small business, it’s still a tricky process.

The easiest way to handle it is to write down a list of all the programs you use. If you’re able, you can look them up and find their websites for download and send them to yourself so that you can easily keep track of which ones you need to download and from where.

If you use an email desktop application, such as Outlook, you need to make sure that you’ve got all your emails and passwords memorized, written down, or sent to yourself. It can quickly become a problem if you need to attach the emails to this program, but you don’t have the passwords and can’t access them.

When you transfer you old files to your computer, you’ll need an external hard drive or CDs/DVDs that you transfer your data to and from. If your old computer starts acting up, it’s a safe bet to go ahead and start transferring things as soon as possible, that way, when it does go kaput, you’ll have most of the stuff saved and you won’t lose many things.

Computers can be difficult to use, but as long as you keep good records of what you need and keep your files safe and in multiple places, you’ll be able to transfer from one to the other with ease.

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Keeping Up With Technology


Being in a technology-heavy field means that we need to keep up with the latest technology.

As such, we’re using Windows 8 on the majority of our computers and planning to move over the rest of them as soon as possible.

I’ve had my personal laptop for over 4 years, it’s still working nicely after all this time. However, it’s a Windows Vista laptop, so the change to Windows 8 is a little bit of a surprise.

However, aside from the radically changed Start Menu and a few other quirks, Windows 8 is largely the same as most other Windows systems once you use the Desktop.

One of Windows 8′s odd quirks is the apps. Some downloads can be done either normally or as an app. The apps function differently than the original versions, such as an entirely different way of displaying tabs in Internet Explorer. You can use either, both, or neither, so there’s a lot of options and customization available to you.

Some of the new apps are pretty neat, I especially like the Weather one.

One thing I’ve heard and I can confirm is that it’s easier to use a Windows 8 system with a touch screen. Some functions are harder to use and access without one. This is a shortcoming on Microsoft’s part, hopefully they’ll change things around so that all of their customers will be able to use their products.

Making sure that something is accessible to everyone is not only a part of creating a product, but also in marketing as well. There are several different types of browsers and operating systems, if your website or ad doesn’t display in some of them, then that’s potential customers you’ve already lost. Reaching out to as many people as possible is crucial in marketing.

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