Consumer Reviews Can Make or Break a Product

One of the most accessible (and often permanent or long-lasting) forms of word of mouth marketing is consumer reviews. With the appearance of the Internet, it’s even easier to collect reviews that stand for as long as the website they’re on lasts.

Products that get good reviews look much better in the eyes of the consumer, there’s been multiple times where I’ve bypassed an object because of poor reviews and went in favor of an item that more people liked.

Reviews can be tricky, sometimes unscrupulous companies post their own glowing reviews under fake names. When they’re found out, the consumers are furious. Good reviews are important, but they’re not the only thing that matters. People won’t trust you if you constantly try to boost your own standings.

Product reviews can sometimes take on a life of their own. Sometimes on Amazon, people will give humorous reviews to products that may sound strange at first. Or, if an actor writes a book or launches a product, people will review it as characters related to their other works. The consumers have fun with these, they often give good reviews, and people find out about products they might have not, because of all of the buzz around the fun reviews.

Do you have a favorite review you’ve read? Or, do you have a product review of your own you’d like to share? Post them or links to them in the comments to share them with us and our readers.

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Word of Mouth Marketing

No matter how great your marketing campaign might be, your most powerful marketing tool is the general public.

Word of mouth can make or break a product or company. There’s been plenty of times that something well-done has been recommended to me by my friends and I’ve greatly enjoyed it. But, I’ve often never seen any marketing for it, if it wasn’t for someone telling me about it, it would have just passed me by.

Make sure your products are discussion-worthy, but in a good way. All too many times, I’ve heard people tell me to not purchase a certain product, that I need to get a competitors product that’s made better. Or, I’ll just be warned away from the item to begin with, as in the case of certain poorly-written books. In these cases, they’ve just lost a potential customer by other people telling me alternatives.

Word of mouth is absolutely crucial to any company, people saying good things about your products and leaving good reviews will bring in more and more customers, while people saying bad things and leaving bad reviews will drive most people away. If your product has gathered a lot of negative attention, you need to stand back and figure out how to address the problems. It could be a lot of work, but in the end, your customers will thank you for it. By listening to your customer’s complaints and fixing what you can, you build a greater connection to them and show that you care what they think.

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