Marketing Monday: Tide-to-Go Talking Stain (2008)

Welcome to the first ever edition of Just One Vision’s Marketing Monday!

Marketing Monday is a celebration of advertising, featuring the best marketing that has appeared over the years!

Commercials, print ads, and everything in between, we’ll pick out the ones that stand out among the rest.

This week we’re going with a now-classic commercial, first appearing during the 2008 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl commercials are known for being entertaining or simply just bizarre, it’s one of the most watched events on television each year, and as such, commercial spots are highly wanted, and priced.

The Super Bowl commercials can be hit or miss, but this one is a keeper, it’s stuck around in my memory, and if you go to the comments on the video’s page, you can see that there’s a lot of people that remember it as well.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy 30 seconds of entertaining marketing.

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